Sunday, September 7, 2014

The One With The Mud Run

Ok.  So.  Sorry I'm slow to get back to blogging.  But things got interesting this weekend.  After talking about the mud run, Saturday finally showed up.  And I wanted to chicken out, I kid you not.  I'm always nervous before a run but especially this one because I had never done a mud run.  This mud run actually replaced the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Dallas we actually want to do but it got cancelled for some unknown reason and this conveniently popped up for us to sign up for.  Now, I hadn't been working out or running except two runs I got in the week before the race and my last 5K was over a year ago when I did The Color Run in Austin. 

No surprise, I cut my finger opening a bottle of tea the night before and I was super scared I was going to get some monster inside me, you ever see that show?  Leishmaniasis or cryptosporidium.  Yeah that scariness.  Jamie text yelled at me, "tape it really good!" after I scared her with that talk.  Here was me the morning of, waiting for Rachel to show up.  Pig tails are my signature run look.

We left super early even though our start time wasn't until 10 and the drive to get there wasn't that long.  I ate some oatmeal as soon as I woke up and drank some water and that was basically it.  We wanted to show up early to watch the heats before us and to scope out how this was actually going to go down.  It turns out, it was barely 70 degrees and it was raining and we definitely weren't prepared so we waited in the truck for our other two team mates Kristin, who I lovingly dubbed as Baby Giraffe and MaryElice.  Here's the map of the course.

Out of the 18 obstacles we came in contact with, I wasn't able to do three.  Two of them because it was just too slippery and muddy.  I also lost a shoe right at the beginning and my bandage on my finger I cut, so I did leave some blood out there.  The whole course took us a little less than an hour.  A soggy, muddy, squishy hour.  At the end, you had to slide down a hill as you can see in the picture below and I made a huge mess.  I honestly had a mud beard but I wipe that sh*t off before we took a picture.  It was a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  In the pictures, I can tell I have a lot of work to do, but we already agreed to do two more 5k's before the end of the year at least.  We're starting a training plan and it was awesome to work with a strong team of girls. 

See ya next time!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

That Time I Went On Sabbatical

Hi.  Remember me?  Your friendly neighborhood ginger?  I know the definition of sabbatical doesn't really apply to me, but if you haven't noticed, I've been gone a couple of months.  Let's talk.

At the end of June, some things went down and Jamie and I didn't speak for a whole week.  My mother and I didn't speak for some time.  Things have calmed down but they've been a bit of a roller coaster.  So, I'm back taking this blog on my own for the first time.  I'm a little nervous.

I was generously invited to Kentucky for the Fourth Of July.  We drove up there, it's about a 12 hour drive and it was a little treacherous through Arkansas but there was literally a rainbow at the end of the road when we hit Kentucky.  I got to meet some of my old childhood/new best friend's family since she was the one who talked me into going and I actually got to travel this summer.  We even went to Nashville for a quick jaunt so I could grab some souvenirs.  We also saw the Amish.  Like in their buggies and we bought some things from them.  I also got to have a Farrell's burger and it was amazing.  I wanted like six, but I wasn't that stealthy.

I got my divorce papers.  I have to sign them and give them back on Tuesday.  So that's also an interesting twist.  That's caused a bit of a spiral on my part and I'm trying to get myself back in control. I'm trying to get back into fitness with the help of my amazing friend, Rachel and of course, the beautiful Jillian Michaels.

Rachel and I have also signed up for a local mud run/5k. It's her first 5k, my fifth but my first mud run so I'm excited. It's coming up fast at the beginning of next month.

I hope you stick around for this new me and give me any kind of advice you can think of. I'm glad to be back. And I hope you'll have me. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twinsday Wednesday//Currently...

Ok.  I realize I didn't get Two Chicks Tuesday up.  Jamie was working on the house since it was a good weather day and we didn't get a chance to cook.  We're going to post our French Dip Sandwich recipe on Thursday, so please forgive us.  I've been looking forward to this recipe attempt for a WHILE.

  • Listening...To Intervention.  I love and hate this show.  I've never done a drug in my life, so it's hard for me to understand the want/addiction of it all.  Also, Wilder's playing Mario so that's the background noise.
  • Eating... I made spaghetti and garlic toast earlier.  Delish.
  • Drinking... Water.  Always water.
  • Wearing... This really great purple Victoria's Secret shirt I found online on clearance.  I like it so much I bought four of them.  Jamie has my other two neutral colored ones. Oh and workout pants.  I am wearing pants. 
  •  Feeling...A little sad but what can I do?  Also, a little happy because Jamie is finally checking all the pins I sent her during the day.  I do that.   Send pins from Pinterest.  Want me to send you some?
  • Weather... A bad storm just passed through but now it's cloudy and cool.
  • Wanting...  Tiramisu?  A hot tub?
  • Needing...  Someone to wash my hair really good.  Adrian will be doing it on the 2nd.  And I CAN'T WAIT.
  • Thinking...  Way too many things.  Mostly insecurities and doubts.  Worries.  I should probably be doing push ups or something.
  • Enjoying...  My life, currently.  With all its rollercoastering, it's kind of on an even keel at the moment.
  • Listening... To Whose Line Is It Anyway. If you have never watched the show you are MISSING OUT!! It's completely improv and hysterical! 
  • Eating... Homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies. Well a single cookie. It's the first chance I've had to eat all day. 
  • Drinking... Iced unsweet tea. I have a special blend of earl grey and Lipton that tastes amazing. The secret is the bergamot. 
  • Wearing... My touristy Las Vegas tshirt and shorts. 
  •  Feeling... That it feels a lot later than 7:35 and very sore and tired. 
  • Weather... Cool, thank god. The rain is wonderful but it's delaying work. 
  • Wanting... Julia's birthday to go fantastic this Saturday. 
  • Needing... A better SPF sunscreen. I've tried thousands and nothing works good enough. 
  • Thinking... Bedddddd. I neeeeeed toooo beeeee in bedddddd. 
  • Enjoying... Being clean. Today was a dirty, whirlwind, hell of a day. But I survived it! 
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Manual Labor

     Yeah, yeah, I know I haven't been around lately, but I have been worn out! I finally got a day off today from what has been a pain inducing regularity. My best friend and her husband have decided to build a new house and gave Justin and me the privilege of designing the layout, which is by far, the best part of this whole ordeal. If I would have been okay with 50,000 dollars of college debt, I would have gone to school for architecture and interior design. But, I wasn't okay with that expense, so the next best thing was being married to a man who can build houses.
     Unless you have ever been completely immersed in the building of a home, you don't really think of main features that will come into play in the life of the house. This goes far beyond the triangle of your kitchen setup or how big your closets should be. From the height of your walls, to the placement of your windows, everything starts with the foundation. We were lucky enough to have people that were willing to hear the pros and cons. 
     In my opinion, a pier and beam house just makes more sense. 
These are concrete footings of the house. If you look over to the far right of the picture, you will notice holes in the concrete. With a solid concrete foundation, if you ever have a broken or cracked pipe in the foundation, it takes a jack hammer and a huge mess to fix the problem. But, here in this pier and beam house, there are crawl spaces that lead to where all the plumbing will be located throughout the house. If it leaks under the house, the venting, built into the outside forms of the foundation will allow it to dry out. A crawl space inside the house will make for easy access. 
     In a few days, I'll have pictures of the floor joists that almost killed me on Thursday and Friday. As you follow me on this new construction, you will see what it takes to build a house. This is my first, and Justin's 138th or something like that. It's going to be fun, tiring, and exciting as the home owners actually start to see the house come together. 
     Please don't ever take your house for granted. I hauled in 128 2x6 floor joists, cut 81 blocks to add more strength to the floor, and tarred the edges of the bottom plate board to help seal the foundation. I've got splinters, welts, and bruises galore and this is just the beginning. Whew, here we go. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Twinsday Wednesday//One Last Thing

I love the One Last Thing.  It makes you think hard about the actual "last" thing you did that coincides with that prompt.

  • Last Thing I Broke...besides a fingernail?  Umm...a glass at Clint's house I think.  I'm bad about breaking glasses and then getting glass in my feet that I can't get out on my own.  It's dangerous being me.
  • Last TV Show I watched... Besides Peppa Pig?  The Pioneer Woman.  I have her cooking show set on the DVR and it comes on twice a day.  Which makes me a very happy girl.
  • Last Sunburn...  Besides a minor one?  Would have to have been...three years ago on Julia's fourth birthday.  I took her swimming in my friend Sara's pool two days before her birthday for a couple of hours.  The day of her birthday, I was bawling in pain, trying to scratch my skin off, no joke.  My mom and aunt had to take me to the emergency room wrapped pretty much in a sheet.  It was AWFUL.
  • Last Time I Cried...  I cry all the time. I cried today.  But like boohoo crying?  When we went and watched The Fault In Our Stars.  That was an emotional day for me.
  • Last Time I Danced... Earlier in the car.  I dance all the time.  Dancing is just the normal for me.


  • Last Thing I Broke... For as clumsy as I am, I'm fairly good at not breaking things. And if I do, I'm fairly good at fixing it or covering it up before anyone notices. 
  • Last TV Show I watched... Intervention is on right now, but before the night is over with, it will be Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm one of those people who has to watch something very neutral before bed or my imagination will screw up my dreams. 
  • Last Sunburn... Two weeks ago or so. I get a sunburn standing in the sunlight coming through a window. Plus I spend too much time outside. I've got a redneck tan line worse than the old farmers here. 
  • Last Time I Cried... Seven days ago. 
  • Last Time I Danced... People stop dancing? Hell, I'm dancing right now. 

 photo wed2.jpg

Two Chicks Tuesday// Steak Sandwich

Sorry for our lapse in posting.  Between school ending, birthdays and such, we've been a little strapped for time.  Jamie and I have been pinning recipes like crazy on Pinterest and we decided every Tuesday, we would recreate a recipe and show it to you.  Now this recipe was just my concoction because I was staring into my mom's fridge/freezer and saw the kaiser rolls I bought and the few containers of guacamole.

  • one chopped garlic clove
  • tablespoon of butter
  • one strip steak - sliced thinly
  • kaiser rolls
  • Wholly-Guacamole (we used two containers, one for each sandwich)
  • 1/4 cup feta cheese
  •  shredded cheese
  • lettuce
  • tomato

We threw the garlic and butter into the cast iron skillet on high.  As soon as the butter melted, we threw in the sliced steak for maybe 3 minutes.  It was very thin so it didn't take long.  I just added some salt and pepper to it.

We cut the rolls in half, smeared them with butter and put them in the broiler for maybe two minutes.  Keep an eye on them so they don't burn.

Take the guacamole, throw it in a bowl and mix it together with the feta and some salt and pepper.  It didn't need any lemon or lime juice since we were using it immediately.  Smear the mixture on the toasted top half of the roll.

Put the steak on the bottom roll with the shredded cheese.  We topped ours with romaine lettuce and tomato but some caramelized onions would have been amazing on it too.
Put it in your mouth and enjoy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Twinsday Wednesday: Currently...

Our birthday was quiet which is fine with us.  Adrian got us some beautiful necklaces that I found delivered on my mom's doorstep and we both had a really good cry over such an amazing girl.  We decided to try something new today, our Currently list.


  • American Ninja Warrior.  I know.  Classic.  That and Wilder chitchatting. 
  • Loving...the pulled pork I made today.  A pork butt, a bottle of root beer and all day in the crock pot on low.  That baby falls apart.  I served it on white kaiser rolls because I love carbs.  Carbs, carbs, carbs.
  • lymph node on the right side of my throat feels weird.  Instantly makes me nervous so I take some Tylenol and try not to worry about it.
  • Wanting...Birthday cake.  Or flourless chocolate cupcakes that my mom makes me.  Ahem.  Mother.
  • Needing...a massage.  My left hand keeps going numb.  It's no fun, especially toting around a 30 pound gingerbread man.
  • OLW (one little word)... unwavering.  Adrian is the perfect definition of that.  


  • Listening... Besides the voices in my head? Peeping. My goslings are healthy and fabulously peeping and waddling. And apparently Nibbles is going through puberty because he's making an odd honk/peep noise. 
  • Loving... Besides the happy birthdays and the beautiful heart touching necklace...?
  • Thinking... A lot. 
  • Wanting... Ju to have the best time at Jellystone. It's become an annual thing with her grandma and her best friend's granddaughters. 
  • Needing... My squash to maintain itself. It's like a drunk frat guy taking over my yard, tripping people, getting stepped on. I'm not complaining, but some vegetables would be nice with all these blooms. 
  • OLW (one little word)... Breathe. Take a deep breath, it cures a lot. 
 photo wed2.jpg

Monday, June 9, 2014

Then, There Were Two

    Today, twenty seven years ago, at 11:54 AM and 11:59 AM respectively, my mother delivered twins naturally after a castor oil induction she tried.  To make things even more interesting, she didn't even know she was having twins until she was seven months in.  Being a twin is a weird thing.  It's something we're always asked about.  I don't want to get all weepy about it.  Because we get weepy a lot if we aren't laughing.  I think it's kind of hard being married to a twin or being friends with a twin because we are our first priority, excluding our kids.  We talk all day usually, we get weird feelings if something is up with each other.  We get our memories confused and we can talk to each other without talking.  We're almost opposites:  she likes cool colors, I like warm.  She likes neutrals, I like patterns and textures.  She has problems with her right shoulder, I, my left.  It's hard to even explain the depth of what being a twin is like. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Minions

     If you couldn't tell, I'm an animal lover. Well, a mammal lover. I've had cows, dogs, chickens, ducks, goats and a lot of other assorted animals in my lifetime. A few I have regretted, once they were grown especially, and others that still make me tremendously happy. I've suffered wrestling tubes down calves' throats, being bitten by goats with pneumonia, and being penned by a pig.
     I went to Trade Days, a big vendor sale that happens once a month around here, with a girlfriend of mine and no intentions of purchasing anything. Until, I came across the geese. I told you the story of Spencer, my male goose, that my girlfriend hatched out on the day my grampa died. I got three babies not long after I brought Spencer home, and he took to them like a protective mama hen.
     I came out one morning not long after to find my only little girl, who was a few months old, lying slightly crippled and unmoving. I brought her in trying to save her. But, I failed, and I took that personally. I don't fail when it comes to owning animals. So here I was, stuck with ganders, and an opportunity to try again. 
     One thing I failed to remember, which is ridiculous because I have sold, raised, and lost chickens, was how aggressive they can be. When I came home Saturday with my new goslings, I just released them into my chicken pen with Spencer, prior knowledge assuring me that he would take care of them. Hell, he turned on me when I gave him the babies. But, when I came out this morning, my babies were lifeless, chickens waiting by the gate for freedom and Spencer and Nibbles, his faithful blossoming gander, sitting off to the side.
     No, I didn't take pictures of the disheveled, wet bodies of the babies. And Justin knew that I was after a list cause. But, I did what I do. I had to make it right. It was my fault that I had left them and maybe I could redeem the loss of my last baby.  I put them in the bathtub with a towel. One unmoving, except for thrashing her head about, the other sprawled out, shaking compulsively. I thought about tending them in the tub, but the thrashing made it too hard. So, with mangled babies wrapped in a towel, a syringe of water, and Justin refilling my coffee, I proceeded to save them. And, miraculously, I did. 
Happy and peeping, they are up and moving in controlled manners, and eating and drinking normally. So now, I'll have my babies in the tub, the chicken and the big geese in the pen, and my Damn Rooster roaming free like the loner he is. 
     What I do for my minions. Whew. 
 photo Jamie2.jpg

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Twinsday Wednesday: One Last Thing

Sorry about Monday and Tuesday.  Jamie wasn't feeling well and I had to bring Wilder back to Clint on Monday and the leaving was so awful, you guys.  I wasn't expecting it to be so much harder than the first time.  And then I got stuck in two wrecks on the way home and didn't get home until after one in the morning.  Sigh, right?  Let's get on with the show.


LAST GOOD LAUGH:  A couple of days ago when Jamie was plucking my eyebrows.  For some reason, we find that hysterical and I usually end up spit laughing in her face.  Jamie was shaking from too much coffee, so there was this heightened sense of danger to it.
LAST TIME I SAW THE SUNRISE: Yesterday when I was taking Wilder to his dad's.  I got up early to get things together and it was almost up.  But the seeing the sunrise isn't unusual for me.  I'm a morning person.
LAST VACATION:  Galveston.  It was a lot of driving but Jamie had never been and it was fun, even for just a couple of days. 
LAST BOOK I READ:  I'm  currently reading a ton of books but it was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  I loved Gone Girl and Jamie was hounding me to read it.  So worth it.  I bought Dark Places to read soon too. Love her books.
LAST HOME IMPROVEMENT:  We just hung curtains I bought!  I'm always doing some sort of improvement on the home, so that's not really a big thing for me.  I'm currently watching DIY Network while I'm doing this!


LAST GOOD LAUGH: Whew, that's a hard one. Casey always makes me laugh. I guess the last good laugh, without Casey, happened alone in my kitchen. And it was still about Casey. We keep fun photos that we take almost every year and in 98% we are cracking up. It's still funny to me now, and I couldn't tell you what we were laughing about. 
LAST TIME I SAW THE SUNRISE: Every morning. For some reason my body demands it, even when my brain doesn't want it. 
LAST VACATION: Yep, Galveston. I have the option to go to California this summer, but with gardens and animals, someone has to hold down the fort. 
LAST BOOK I READ: Defending Jacob. It's a crazy murder trial book and the writing and plot is so spontaneous yet spot on. I also read the alphabet mysteries by Sue Grafton every year, and I've just started A is For Alibi, again. I love Sue to the end of times. Plus her heroine is a bad ass private eye and it's based in the 1980's. All foot work, no computers. 
LAST HOME IMPROVEMENT: Oh my god, I never quit. Never. It's a gift and a curse. 

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